LET’S TALK!! Is Tiwa Savage Linking Up With WizKid To Revive Her Career?

There has been a recent linkup between popular singer, Tiwa Savage, and her old flame, the superstar, Wizkid.

While they never really had a public beef, for some time there it seemed like WizKid and Tiwa Savage were on bad terms. Or at least, not on speaking terms with each other. That is extreme because they used to be, as far as we know, friends.

There were rumors of a romantic relationship between the two that was fuelled by their always being together and their collaborations. It could as well have been just a professional relationship, but some fans would bet it wasn’t. No lies, they did some unusual things together.

For instance, an example of an unusual situation between the two was 2017’s “Fever” romance where Tiwa Savage played a vixen for Wizkid. That was highly unusual, as you couldn’t get Tiwa to do anything like that unless you were really close to her.

But it appeared things turned sour in 2020, just before Wizkid released his “Made in Lagos” album. Tiwa Savage had released her studio album, “Celia” that same year and had featured Davido on it. Wizkid fans, of course, took that personally and to them, she had drawn the first blood. This led to a real beef online that has gone on until now.

Days ago, WizKid was spotted at a Tiwa Savage in LA, and pictures of them together surfaced online too. The narrative being run by the Wizkid FC now is that since Davido didn’t seem to help her career, Tiwa Savage has gone running to Wizkid for a resurgence.

That’s of course a wild thing to think because Tiwa Savage’s career isn’t in any way dead. So why would it need reviving?

On the other hand, she’s not exactly been popular these days and the last time she was in the news, it was for the wrong reasons. A Wizkid link-up might do her some good, honestly. Especially if she did do another song with him.

Well, what do y’all think?

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